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For educators and parents:
Feel free to use our beginning storyteller handout.

Spring at Old Sins

Elizabeth’s first novel, tentatively titled Color Blind, is finished.
Joseph’s new novel, Job, Herself, is also done.
Both are currently available at all major book sellers.

Winter at Old Sins

Here’s what Old Sins is going to be doing over the winter:

Joseph is halfway through working on the novel Job, Herself and touching up the script for “Academic Suicide”, the second story in the Jannah Station series.

A new anthology of Alternate History stories is coming this summer

Trade paperback Ebook
In the Land of Nod Amazon
Barnes & Noble
Barnes & Noble

Jannah Station

Our first issue of A Soft Murder is free! We have a epub and cbz version for you.

If you liked the first issue, get the collection!

Trade paperback Ebook
The Soft Murder Omnibus! Amazon
Barnes & Noble
Horizon Books
Barnes & Noble
Raising the Robot

For attendees to our Religion in Science Fiction lecture, here is our suggested reading list.

Old Sins focuses on publishing well-researched, entertaining, complex fiction and comics for adults and teens.

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