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New Novel

We have released In the Land of Nod, a YA science fiction adventure novel.

On a forgotten penal colony, on a moon that is actively hostile to human life and overseen by mad gods, two childhood friends that were separated by a cold war are reunited when they are sent to spy on each other.

The epub will be available soon, but you can buy the hardcopy today!

Trade paperback Ebook
In the Land of Nod Amazon
Barnes & Noble
Barnes & Noble

A Soft Murder

Our first issue of A Soft Murder is free. We have a epub and cbz version for you.

When everyone is immortal, there is no such thing as death by natural causes.

A man well-hated, everyone on the Jannah Station habitat depended on interplanetary financier Miguel Adams to keep the resort going. When he dies of a heart attack, the verdict can only be murder.

Who killed him and how? Was it his estranged wife? His dilettante son? His oddly devoted daughter? His newly emancipated robot?

Can Detective Faisal werner discover the true killer before the wrong person is executed?

You can find physical copies of our comics at and digital ones at Amazon. Since their search feature is wonky, here are the links for them

Issue 1 Hardcopy Digital
Issue 2 Hardcopy Digital
Issue 3 Hardcopy Digital
Issue 4 Hardcopy Digital
The Soft Murder Omnibus! Amazon
Barnes & Noble

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